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If you are searching for one of the perfect Free Horse Racing Systems that is available then you have come to the right place.

There are literally thousands of betting systems sold today but this one is totally FREE! It would be a bestselling system were we charging for it but that is not going to be the case.




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This system has been used by many people as you can see and continues today to be as popular as ever.

See what others have told us how they have found this free horse racing system - Testimonials

Special features of this horse racing system

  • Just 1 selection per race

  • This a backing system NOT a laying system

  • An average of 5/6 bets per day

  • Selections can be found using any daily or specialist paper

  • It's FREE and wins more than most systems that are aren't!!

This horse racing system was recently tested and made an incredible 68 points to SP in just two weeks. The bets were as follows:

W7/1, W3/1, 3rd, Lost, 2nd, Lost, Lost, W15/2, W11/2, W7/2, 3rd, Lost, W4/1, Lost, Lost, W4/1, W12/1, W6/1, W7/1, W11/2, W6/1, Lost, Lost, 3rd, W9/1, Lost, Lost, 2nd, Lost, Lost, 3rd, 3rd, W7/1

With a further 7 of these coming second or third it can easily be used as a successful each way betting system too.


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Sign up today and get this winning system that turned 30 into over 2,000 in just two weeks recently.

It picks one horse per race and has an average winning price of 6/1.

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See what other users think.

"I am surprised that you are giving this system away as it is one of the best horse racing systems I have used and very logical too, thank you." Peter





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